Take your startup to the next level

Your product is taking shape, you have clients lined up and you have a fantastic story to tell. But how much technical differentiation does it hold to secure the next step of your journey?

Smart investors will want to know whether you can deliver your roadmap and scale your software development team once you’ve secured money from them.

Test the technical maturity of your product with our survey to see whether you are VC ready!

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How it works

You can choose to do a quickfire 2 minutes test or an in-depth 20 minutes evaluation. The survey will take you through a series of questions that explore various elements that are critical for your VC-ready success.

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The information you provide is strictly confidential. It will never be shared with anyone without your express permission and all presented data is always anonymous. This means you can safely provide accurate and honest insights survey and that there is no point overselling your start-up's performance.

Based on real audits

A few days after filling up the questionnaire, you will receive in your mailbox the results of the test. These results are unique to your startup giving you the best picture possible for you to identify your areas of strengths, opportunities and areas for improvement.


Results are unique to your startup giving you the best picture possible for you to identify your areas of strengths, opportunities and areas for improvement.
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More Details

The Startup Software Development Maturity Model by Platform.sh was born both through our own experience and from working with many startups in different phases of their development.

Developing, raising money, is never about one thing; and of course the project, the market, the founders and the moment are the most important elements that will make other people decide whether to invest in your venture.

But your maturity, you capacity to scale, to keep going fast, to go even faster are going to have a big effect. Knowing where you are, compared to the competition is going to help you to make your case.

There is bias

Every startup is different, the questionnaire addresses what almost every startup will eventually have and on which it is going to rely to scale: its backend systems, and it is basically assumed those are using web technologies. Their importance will vary depending on the domain in which the venture is.

It is all about the Path

A great deal of the value of this questionnaire is in the questions, not the answers nor the measurement. It is a conversation starter with the people that are poised to give you funds to help you scale. They allow to shine a light on the areas on which you might need to focus more attention.

Once you’ve completed the survey, you immediately see your personalised results.

If you take the 2 minute test but decide later that you want to do the full evaluation, no worries! You can still take the full survey.


Why do we require Linked-In sign-in?

Because we don't want our model to be eating junk. The only way we can ensure it remains useful is if there are real users, representing real startups.

In the background, we will be crunching the numbers and later on you’ll get a copy of a full report of our findings which we will present later this year.

Open Ocean, a leading European Series A Venture Capital firm built by the team that created MySQL, the biggest open source success to date with Linux, announced they will use Readyfor.vc as part of their initial discussions to evaluate the tech maturity with potential future portfolio companies.

We want to thank our other partners for their support in making this survey possible : SNCF, Orange, Go Ignite, Dataïku, Logmatic.io and Sensio Labs
We specifically want to thank Jean-David Chamboredon from ISAI, Valérie Gombart from HI INOV, Ralf Wahlsten from Open Ocean, Guillaume Aubin from Alven Capital, Justin Ziegler, Fabien Potencier from SensioLabs, Amirhossein Malekzadeh from Logmatics and Florian Douetteau from Dataiku for their precious feedbacks!